Escape from Big Brother


It feels so refreshing to start blogging. I don’t think I’ve been this excited about a new project in a long time ! Far, far away from Facebook and all the other controlling sites that have become ridiculously curious about the smallest details of everyone’s lives. A blog seems like a perfect balance between anonymity and intimacy. Undecided as to what this blog will focus on, but absolutely certain that it will include some of my own photography, art, and cooking experiments as well as thoughts about heated topics and current affairs, but more importantly my observations about society, people and life in general. Currently a University student, I wish to share my experiences and communicate my reactions to the educational system, its associated culture and England as a nation and how it compares to my beautiful France, trying to contain to some extent, my soon-to-be 19 year-old’s already all-too-present scrutinizing tendencies. Most of all, I just want a bit of fun and a chance to explore the creative and expressive side of me that doesn’t always get a chance to make an appearance in my everyday life.