Being half French and half British, having spent most of my childhood on the outskirts of Paris as well as having spent a few years living in the US, means that my fascination for languages, cultures and and different societies is ever-expanding. I’m studying Anthropology and Spanish at University and using this blog as a medium of expression on matters that range from politics to photography to cooking recipes.

I wish to share my experiences and communicate my reactions to the educational system, its associated culture and England as a nation and how it compares to my beautiful France, trying to contain to some extent, my soon-to-be 19 year-old’s already all-too-present scrutinizing tendencies. Most of all, I just want a bit of fun and a chance to explore the creative and expressive side of me that doesn’t always get a chance to make an appearance in my everyday life.

“Why the name Roasted Reverie?”, I was once asked: First of all, I love using physical adjectives to describe abstract objects. Also because of the alliteration, but mostly just to convey the idea that I don’t just write about fiction, fantasy, ideas, but more about topics that I had contemplated, analysed or “roasted” for a certain amount of time. Almost like turning the topics over on a grill and trying to cover all aspects of it. Also, I plan to include some recipes on my blog at some stage, so “roasted” seemed fitting.


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